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BigSexyPlush ❤ Custom Plushies

sewing your dreams together since 2013

This site contains images of nude plushies! For Adult Viewers Only

Welcome to BSP!

This site contains images of nude plushies! For Adults Only.

Nice to meet you! We are Mars & Jupiter of BSP.

Mars (they/them) started crafting plushies in early 2013, and has been steadily improving their skills while working on various commissions and personal work.

Jupiter (she/her) joined the BSP scene in early 2018, and does all sorts of sewing and plush detail work for custom commissions.

Thanks to our clients’ continued support, plushcrafting has become our full-time job. We are proud to be surrounded by such a supportive, friendly community of plush enthusiasts.

BSP makes both family-friendly and adult-oriented plushies.

Read more about BSP’s history.

Our clients have come to expect a high level of quality in every unique plush creation. Many hours of careful work and artistic dedication go into every project.

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Customer Feedback (Anonymized and from various years)

"BSP never disappoints, and they always go the extra mile with the plush commissions they have done for me. Excellent communication, craftsmanship, and they were able to make my dream a reality. Overall, worth the wait (and every penny), and something I can cherish for years to come." - E.

"Created well! Though I admit it seems smaller than I thought but I think she just needs the stuffing inside her body. Tattoo of word style choice is perfect, adult choices were interesting inputed, flow of the fabric color is amazing, gorgeous eyes of my color choice, and she is super soft! My Annabelle! Her head is big as my popcorn bucket and I orded for the biggest one!" - S.

"Absolutely outstanding. Great craftsmanship, awesome customer service, and one great Vixen companion. Gave her my "What does the fox say T-shirt". Delivered Exactly on time. Thanks BSP!!!!" - F.

"As per usual with all of BSP's works the plush is wonderfully constructed with great care to every detail. The quality is incredible and looks even better in person, I feel very lucky to have been able to be able to buy this plush before someone else snatched her up. She was shipped with the utmost care so there isn't any form of damage at all." - E.

"I love my plush! She looks incredible and I couldn't imagine her looking better. I ordered a 6'8" vixen and she is perfect. I can't imagine a better product and will be ordering again! In addition, I received a really nice extra gift in the form of a mini pillow. BSP was also very responsive and provided excellent service, so I received exactly what I wanted. If you are looking for the perfect custom plush, I highly recommend." - B.

"I could not be happier with this plush. Her design is so cute yet her proportions are so sexy. The quality of the sewing is top-notch and the amount of fluff is just right. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got her but I was amazed to say the least. Hopefully, this will be my first purchase of many from BSP." - E.

"C'est une magnifique création. les détails sont somptueux. Je suis vraiment comptent de l'avoir. La fermeture pour le remplissage et quasiment invisible. Aucune hésitation a avoir pour une personnalisation que je vais sans aucun doute effectuer." - J.

"I have received today your package and after I fluffed her, I have three words to say: She is perfect!!! It was nearly a year of waiting but it was totally worth it. I will take good care of her. Anyway, it was a pleasure doing business with you". - T.

"taking it out of the box there are no words to describe how beautiful it is 😍 from the tips of his claws to the tips of his ears, the character I'm drawing has finally become real 😊 my darling of my dreams is at home thanks to you 👍 it must have been a titanic task to overcome it. but I don't regret my investment at all :) a thousand and a thousand times thank you 🐅 I can't stop admiring the details, just beautiful. " - D.

“I just received the plush today. I absolutely love it. Your work is simply exemplary and peerless. The plush is surprisingly hefty and I think you did a wonderful job bringing the character to life. Thank you so much for your skill, talent, attention to detail and overall outstanding craftsmanship. I truly do appreciate the work you put into the commission and for being so patient and understanding with my requests.” – S.

“I just received my order yesterday and it looks awesome, really well built. I was surprised how heavy it was when I took it out the box. You are a true artist. Hope to be able to do more business in the future. Thank you so very much” – C.

"excelente, increíble trabajo, personalmente pedí algunas modificaciones que la verdad me sorprendió la calidad, disfruto mucho del resultado y verdaderamente recomiendo el producto X3" - J.

“She’s so soft and adorable, and I will love her for years to come. … You’re a true artisan.” – E.

“Well worth the wait, very much worth the price. I love her, I really do. So thank you, so much! 🙂 You are truly an artisan! ∞/10 would order all over again!” – B.

“I love my plushies so much; thank you for all the work and love you put into them. I’ve been smiling like a big dumdum ever since I got them.” – R.

“Thank you so much for plushifying all my favorite characters to love and cuddle for real. They’re all amazing and we’ll all have lots of love for years to come!” – N.

“Thank you for the wonderful plush that you sent to us. It is incredibly soft and the biggest plush I have ever had. Just wanted to let you know that what you do makes a lot of people happy.” – M.

“All the detail I had asked for were addressed, and everything is perfect. Even my family thinks she’s really cool. 🙂 This purchase was probably one of the best ones I have made in my entire existence.” – N.

“I received my Sun Tan Beach Babe and I would like to say that the quality and details in her are Amazing. She’s firm but also cuddly soft, i am extremely pleased with her. Thank you so much for making her for me”. – W.

“I laid down with the plush and just took a small nap, and I swear, that was the most relaxing nap I’ve ever had. Once again thank you so much, she’s so wonderfully soft and cuddly Growing heart” – P.

“Just got him today!!!! and I love him. Just looking at him you can see all the hard work thats gone into him and I couldn’t have asked for a better plush.” – J.

“I freaking LOVE her. She has a way of lighting up my room and making me feel so much better. Can’t help but smile when I enter my room and see her lying in my bed. I LOVE HOW BIG SHE IS! She makes me feel like all is right in the world. ” – S.

“I am extremely pleased with the results! She’s gorgeous! I was surprised how firm she was (in a good way), and everything is beautiful down to the last detail. I can’t thank you enough. I’m going to have to get another plush made one day; your work is fantastic.” -C.

“OMG I can’t describe how happy I am to receive her in the mail today the pictures you sent me were nice but seeing her now that i have her..LOVE IT A+ work ” – J.

“It’s evident that you really pour yourself into making all of them. I love everything about her. Her shape is perfect and her face is so beautiful. You create beautiful art.” – P.

“I LOVE her. You did an outstanding job with Espeon. I think the size is perfect for hugging, and the box you have is great for storing her in.” – F.

“I rate your responsiveness and communication as very important factors, as shortcomings can be communicated and thus addressed.” – A.

“I received her 2 days ago and I’m really satisfied with the SPH, thanks for your great work. :)” – J.

“Oh my goodness she looks amazing she is so so cute her outfit looks great it works perfectly. Thank You so so so much” – A.

“[Plush] arrived even before the said date. Very satisfied. Can’t wait to order others. Just have to find room for them lol. Thank you So much! ” – T.

“I just want to thank you so much again for making my commission its perfect. When I took her out of the box I cried a little bit because she just feels so real now. She is just how I always drew and imagined her to be like and now she is real thanks to you.” – J.

Customer Photos